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The Farmers National Bank of Emlenton - Social Media Guidelines 

The Farmers National Bank of Emlenton engages in social media to provide consumers with financial education/resources and to promote involvement within the community we serve. The Bank finds value in the conversations and interaction with the public through social media platforms. To assist with protecting your privacy and in accordance with banking regulations, our Bank does moderate postings and messages. 

Please Note: Never post personal, identifying or confidential information. Privacy is very important to us, so if we see a post or comment that contains information that could pose a risk to your account or privacy (or someone else’s), we will remove your comment.

Comments and postings that include any of the following will be removed and/or banned from all Farmers National Bank social media pages across all social platforms:

  • condone or promote illegal activity
  • are fraudulent, deceptive or misleading
  • are sexual or offensive graphically
  • are not related to the topic on the page
  • would offend others, particularly in reference to an individual’s race, age, gender, sexuality, political leaning, religion or disability
  • are profane, insulting, hateful, harassing, threatening or obscene
  • violates another’s copyright or intellectual property
  • contains spam or is intended to cause technical disruption
  • promote anything that may constitute spam, such as solicitations, advertisements or endorsements of other agencies

All inappropriate content will be deleted. The Bank reserves the right to remove comments that are repeated or are not productive.

The Farmers National Bank of Emlenton does not endorse any opinions on social media that are not specifically posted by the Bank. The Farmers National Bank of Emlenton is not responsible for the accuracy of the information posted by followers on social media pages and encourages users to respect fellow community members and to follow the guidelines published by each social media community including but not limited to the following:

Please note that social media pages are moderated by a team of employees at The Farmers National Bank of Emlenton. We will make every effort to respond in a timely manner between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday and during the next business day if posted on Saturday, Sunday and/or on Federal Holidays. Customer Service Inquiries should be addressed via the following channels: Our website at www.farmersnb.com   •  Toll-free at 877-862-9270  •  At your local office 

The Farmers National Bank of Emlenton’s social media websites are not to be used to submit consumer transaction disputes or to request account information. If you would like to do so, please contact your local office or call us at 877-862-9270 during standard business hours.

Contact Information:

Debit/ATM Card
Activate PIN: 1-800-567-3451
Lost/Stolen Card (during normal business hours): Contact your local office or call 877-862-9270 ext. 0
Lost/Stolen Card (after hours and/or weekend): 1-800-554-8969

Online/Mobile Banking
Password reset and/or account reset: Contact your local office or call 877-862-9270 ext. 0

Consumer Deposit & Loan
Electronic Fund Transfer Notice of Error, Consumer Loan Billing Error, Mortgage Loan Request for Information, Loan Credit Reporting Direct Dispute: Call 877-862-9270 during normal business hours
Loan Payment: Mail to Farmers National Bank, 612 Main Street, Emlenton PA 16373