President's Letter


Welcome to The Farmers National Bank of Emlenton’s website.  In addition to the many services that we provide through our banking offices, corporate business platform and financial services representatives, we offer you this website as a complement to our personalized banking services.


Farmers National Bank was founded in July 1900 in Emlenton, Pennsylvania by a group of local businessmen who believed that neighboring banks were neglecting the commercial interests and needs of local merchants and farmers.  These founders would be proud to know that our Bank has achieved remarkable success and growth by remaining true to the founding principle of providing superior service to our customers and the communities that we serve.  Today, as outlined here in our website and offered in our banking offices, we provide a wide array of sound financial products and services to consumers who live and work in the nine counties where we operate in western Pennsylvania.


Over the past several years, there has been a regular stream of alarming reports from media outlets regarding the nation’s economy.  In particular, the media has publicized the failure of a number of large financial institutions as well as the well-chronicled subprime mortgage issues and related factors.  This has resulted in increased regulatory scrutiny and oversight of all depository institutions, including our Bank.  I want to assure you that your bank, the Farmers National Bank, has not been directly impacted by these failures and never engaged in the banking practices that led to the resulting economic turmoil.  While there is indeed increased federal scrutiny of financial institutions and there are many new regulations aimed at protecting consumers and this increased regulatory oversight is not inexpensive, the impact on our banking practices will be minimal because we have always treated our customers in the spirit of fairness and what is right for the customer.


Farmers National Bank, as a national bank, is regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, arguably the toughest banking regulatory agency, and the FDIC.  The FDIC classifies banks that meet the highest capital requirements as “well capitalized.”  Farmers National Bank exceeds the capital levels required for this classification and consistently maintains solid core earnings.  No one has ever lost money on deposits insured by the FDIC.  If you are ever concerned about the safety of your money, please talk to one of our bankers at your local office.


Over the past 115-plus years, our communities have experienced growth, opportunities and challenges.  Through it all, the Bank has grown and met these opportunities and challenges along with you, our customers and other constituents.  Through it all, we have remained vital to community development by offering competitive products and services for individuals and businesses that are helpful and meaningful to their success.  By understanding community needs, we have been able to make timely decisions for housing, job creation, small business development, community support and other local economic needs. 


There clearly are many challenges facing the banking industry.  Despite these challenges, we have remained successful in a tough regulatory and economic environment.  This is a result of our longstanding culture of sound underwriting and lending and our commitment to the communities that we service.  We maintain disciplined business practices and truly believe that there is a value opportunity for a community bank that is situated as we are – with sound asset quality, a very attractive deposit base, a strong asset mix, a robust capital base, current technology and a highly ethical, talented and motivated professional group of executives, managers and staff.  We continue to pursue the most prudent banking practices – we gather deposits and provide loans in the communities we serve.  The Bank was founded more than 115 years ago with the principle philosophy of providing safe, secure and stable banking services.  It strikes me that the Bank’s founders would be proud of what we have accomplished to date and would look brightly towards the future as we do.


As you navigate our website, realize that, as always, we utilize industry standard security measures to assure that your personal and account information is safe and secure.  We will continue to invest in the best technology to provide security, as well as make your banking experience more convenient and easy to use.  These ease of use and security features are evident through new and efficient landing pages and a website map as well as via triple authentication of log-in, and session duration limits among other features.


As a community bank, The Farmers National Bank of Emlenton’s directors, officers and associates take great pride in serving our many loyal customers.  We hope you enjoy the website and encourage you to explore the site and visit one of our sixteen community banking offices.  On behalf of everyone here at the Bank, thank you for your patronage and continued support of our proud institution.


Very truly yours,

William C. Marsh
Chairman of the Board
President and Chief Executive Officer