Drilling RigMarcellus Shale: The Movement and the Opportunities

One of the largest economic movements since 1859 when Colonel Edwin L. Drake struck an oil well in Titusville, Pennsylvania, Marcellus Shale is breathing new life into the historic gas and oil industry of Pennsylvania.

As development of Marcellus gas fields and leasing activity increases, our team of professionals at Farmers National Bank are prepared to help our customers and communities not only learn more about the movement, but also prepare financially for the potential benefits. We look forward to helping you with your Marcellus Shale questions and financial concerns.  Please contact us to speak with one of our financial professionals.


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What is Marcellus Shale?

Although natural gas has been extracted from underground sources in Pennsylvania since the 1800s, increased demand and new technology has peeked oil and gas company interests in Marcellus Shale reserves in Pennsylvania.  The Marcellus Shale is a layer of rock that lies 5,000 to 9,000 feet underground.  It runs through southern New York and Western Pennsylvania.